About ADM    

ADM has been registered as a business since 1996 (ABN: 76 367 043 296). Listing available at the Australian Business Registry www.abr.gov.au

ADM operates from premises situated by the Indian Ocean north of Perth, Western Australia.

ADM is a specialist technology provider in Acoustics and Vibration.


ADM's reputation is built on a strong foundation of knowledge, experience and business ethic. We take business ethic very seriously and take pride in the quality and innovation of our products and customer relationship. The customer can be assured that ADM will always meet its contractual obligations and do anything else that could be reasonably expected to meet client expectations.


ADM operates as a small, efficient business with low operating overheads allowing product and service cost benefits to be passed on to the customer.

The core activities of the business are related to acoustics and vibration and includes the development of electronic instrumentation, signal measurement and analysis, noise and vibration control plus a limited R&D program of new technology development through ADMsensors.

ADM maintains close links with the academic and research environment that is beneficial in maintaining awareness of new and emerging technologies. The nature of ADM activities requires a high degree of independence, experience and professionalism from all staff. Everyone working with ADM has a proven track record spanning tens of years of association and are highly motivated and respected in their individual area of expertise. It is these qualities that have contributed to a growing customer base and repeat contracts.

ADM operates with strategic alliance partners Affiliations. Strategic partners are organisations offering professional expertise and services that are deemed to be of an acceptable high standard to be offered alongside those offered by ADM.

In some situations ADM may work with a strategic partner on a contract to extend the level of expertise and service offered to customers. In these circumstances ADM will retain responsibility for the overall quality of the product or service. Alternatively, ADM may direct work to a strategic partner. All contractual arrangements will be with the client's full knowledge and approval.

ADM maintains a strong work ethic which is reflected in its Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Anti Discrimination Policies. Occupational Safety & Health is also high on the agenda influencing both operations within the workplace as well as field work and on-site work in industry.

ADM instruments are used by the following organisations:

Ampac Inc.

Army Research Laboratories, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

Knowles Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Knowles Electronics (Taiwan) Taipei

Knowles Electronics (China)

Knowles Electronics LLC USA

Martin Simms & Associates

Michigan State University

University of WA.


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