Acoustic Weighting
  • A, B, C and D weighting
  • ANSI S1, 42-1986 (R1998) Type 0
  • Laboratory precision
  • Provides weighted FRF
  • Used in field data collection or
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Module or instrument format
  • Simultaneous A, B and C outputs
  • ANSI S1, 42-1986 (R1998) Type 0
  • Miniature plug-in module
  • ± 3.5V to ± 15V supply operation
  • Milled aluminium construction
  • One year warranty

    Instruction Manual download or view PDF

The AWN-3 is an encapsulated filter module offering A, B and C weighting networks to Type 0 precision. The AWN-3 is designed for use in OEM applications where a plug-in acoustic weighting network is required.

The device offers simultaneous A, B and C weighted outputs with a ± 2.5V signal range that is suitable for most modern instrumentation. Power requirement is a dual, low current ± 3.5V to ± 15V supply. On board regulation and reverse voltage protection are provided.

For stand alone and experimental applications, a development board is available for the AWN-3 module providing convenient power supply and signal connections.

All weighting networks ANSI S1, 42-1986 (R1998) Type 0
Typical A weighting noise spectral density 70 nV/Hz(1/2)
Typical B weighting noise spectral density 60 nV/Hz(1/2)
Typical C weighting noise spectral density 50 nV/Hz(1/2)
(All noise measurements at 1 kHz with battery supply and terminated input)

Continuous time S-domain functions
Input and output signal range ± 2.5V

Specification Sheet:
Download or view Data Sheet

Performance data:
Measured A, B and C frequency-weighting characteristics

Supply Voltage:
Range ± 3.5V to ± 15V
Current consumption ± 8 mA

Milled anodised aluminium enclosure with encapsulated electronics,
connections via 0.64 mm square gold plated pins.

46 x 20 x 6 mm ( H x W x D)

11 grams

Twelve month conditional

Retail $199 plus delivery
. OEM and reseller pricing enquiries welcome.

  • Development board for AWN-3
  • Accepts AWN-3 module
  • Gold plated sockets
  • Screw terminals
  • Bipolar supply required
  • Allows evaluation and testing


The DEV-1 is a development board suitable for the AWN-3 acoustic weighting module. It provides facilities for the connection of signal input, signal output and power supply to the device via screw terminals.

The DEV-1 is convenient for the evaluation of the AWN-3 or any other application where acoustic weighting is required in the signal path.

Single sided pcb with solder mask and silk screen printing. Gold plated sockets, screw terminals.

40 x 51 mm

$30 plus delivery.

  • Selectable A, B, C & D networks
  • ANSI / IEC Type 0
  • Portable handheld instrument
  • Signal overload detector
  • Powered by single AA cell
  • Two year warranty

Instruction Manual download or view PDF

The AWN-4 is a pocket sized laboratory or field portable instrument offering A, B, C and D frequency-weighting functions complying with ANSI/IEC Type 0. The ± 2.5V signal range offers convenient interfacing to computer based data acquisition systems for field measurements or research and teaching applications. This instrument provides the frequency response function of the selected weighting network and the corresponding measurement of magnitude at each frequency point. The AWN-4 is offered as a calibrated Type 0 instrument or a NATA certified Type 0 instrument. Input and output overload detection is provided to preserve signal integrity.

All weighting networks ANSI S1, 42-1986 (R1998) and IEC 537 Type 0
Typical A weighting noise spectral density < 80 nV/Hz(1/2)

Continuous-time S-domain functions
Push button digital control
Toggle action Power On/Off push button
Low battery indicator

Overload detector A,B,C and D
Input and Output signal range ± 2.5 V (input protection)
BNC Input and Output connectors
Unity gain stable into 1000 pF load.

Instruction Manual
Download or view PDF

Performance data:
Measured A, B, C and D frequency-weighting characteristics

Battery Supply:
Single AA battery
Current consumption 20 mA

Black ABS case, blue lexan polycarbonate front panel
Encapsulated surface mount electronics

22 x 65 x 120 mm (H x W x D)

154 grams (with battery fitted)

Twenty four month conditional

POA Type 0 plus delivery
POA Type 0 NATA calibrated.

$499 for AWN-2 (A, B and C weighting only).

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