Control & Automation  
  • Controller design
  • Multiple platform support
  • Multiple sensor support
  • Process control
  • Motion control
  • Connectivity and SCADA
  Expertise and Facilities

The performance of many machines, industrial processes and commercial developments benefit from automated control. In most cases the combination of high operational performance and economic feasibility can only be achieved through automation.

Control system development is offered in a range of controller designs and operating platforms. These include:

  • embedded or stand alone
  • centralised or distributed
  • ultra low power applications
  • PC platform
  • PLC platform
  • single board platform

Control automation is offered for sensing solutions in the following areas:

  • force torque and weight
  • proximity, sizing and tactile
  • colour recognition
  • machine vision
  • environmental monitoring

While motion control design is available for the following motors and actuators:

  • DC motors
  • AC motors
  • stepper motors
  • pneumatic actuators
  • hydraulic actuators

In addition, expertise in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) includes the following applications:

  • interconnection of plant and machinery
  • remote parameter setting
  • validation of the phases of a machine cycle
  • monitoring quality and trends
  • process data logging
  • alarm management

For an economical and state of the art solution to these and other specialist testing or measuring system designs, please contact our office to discuss your requirements.

For SCADA please view our Scada page for additional information.

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