Miniature Power Supply  
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Suitable for portable instruments
  • Dual regulated output
  • Operates from single AA cell
  • Low battery indicator

The DPS-5V is a miniature regulated ± 2.5V ± 25 mA power supply designed for size sensitive and portable applications. This AA battery sized power supply will operate from a depleted AA with a terminal voltage as low as 1V. The DPS-5V features remote digital On/Off switching and low battery indication via an optional front panel mounted LED.

This product provides a convenient and optimal solution to the provision of regulated power supplies in hand held instrument applications. Alternatively, the MPS-5V will fit the moulded battery compartments of commercially available ABS instrument cases allowing maximum utilisation of available space and localisation of power supply components close to the battery.

Dual 2.5V or single 5V output
Dual 25 mA or single 50 mA output current rating
Noise 20 mV pk to pk under load
Input voltage range 1V to 3.6V
Low battery indicator set at 1V

Battery Supply:
Single AA battery

Shielded aluminium case, encapsulated electronics with flying leads.

12 x 12 x 50 mm (H x W x D)

16.5 gm

POA. OEM and reseller enquiries welcome.

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