Applied Dynamic Measurements (ADM) upholds a rigid policy to protect the privacy of personal information supplied by its customers. We deplore the proliferation of spam and intrusive electronic communication that has invaded the Internet and will do everything possible to ensure that we do not inadvertently contribute to it. ADM abides by the National Privacy Principle of the Privacy Act 1988.

Site Privacy and Cookies

ADM does not collect information on visitors to its web site or attempt to contact them in any way to promote the sale of its products or services. If visitors to the web site contact ADM through one of the e-mail links provided, the extent of the follow up communication will be confined to providing the information requested by the visitor. No attempt will be made to promote sales through unnecessary follow up or exerted pressure.

ADM does not use Cookies, however, a tracker is used to identify the search terms used by customers to assist in search engine optimisation and feedback on demand for the products and services offered.

Customer Information

ADM maintains a database of customer information for accounting, sales and warranty purposes. Customers can be assured that under no circumstances will this information be passed to a third party or used in an inappropriate or unethical way. This information is stored securely with limited access within the organisation. Client contact details will only ever be used to communicate requested information or material, assist you in making a purchase from ADM or dealing with warranty claims.

ADM is committed to the responsible use of the Internet and will do everything to ensure that visitor and customer privacy and security is upheld.

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