• Vibration and noise
  • Strain measurement
  • Data collection
  • Signal analysis
  • Problem solving
  • System design
  • Laboratory and field work
  Expertise and Facilities
ADM can provide a diverse range of expertise in the measurement, analysis and interpretation of real world signals. The focus of the organisation is in the processing of signals associated with mechanical plant and structures that would involve frequencies below 20 KHz. ADM is a strong contender in the vibration and noise area with overlapping skill and experience in both electronic and mechanical disciplines.

The following facilities are offered:

Vibration and Noise

  • vibration measurement and control
  • structural testing (impact and steady state)
  • rotating machinery analysis
  • order tracking
  • torsional vibration
  • low frequency vibration
  • noise measurement and control
  • linear, A, B, C and D weighting

Strain Measurement

  • strain and load testing
  • multi-channel measurement and acquisition
  • load cell development
  • strain and vibration correlation
  • field instrumentation of plant

Data Collection

  • vibration, acoustic, pressure, rotational, displacement, strain etc.
  • preamplification, filtering, tracking and other signal conditioning
  • noise reduction (electrical) to enhance dynamic range and resolution
  • signal analysis and post processing
  • field measurements with portable instrumentation
  • calibration

Signal Analysis

  • Time domain analysis - including filtered time or tracking
  • Frequency domain analysis (transfer functions and coherence)
  • Short time Fourier analysis (STFT)
  • Joint time-frequency analysis
  • Wavelet analysis

Laboratory and Field Work

  • Laboratory facilities available for work requiring a controlled environment
  • Portable test instrumentation for work on site or remote locations.

Please contact our office to discuss your requirements in any of the above areas.

For additional information on related services please view Measurements, Signal Processing or Torsional Vibration pages.

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