Torsional Vibration  
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  Expertise and Facilities

ADM offers consulting expertise in vibration analysis of rotating machinery and torsional vibration measurements.

ADM promotes the use of Polytec products as a platform for the measurement and analysis of all torsional vibration applications. Products include single point, low cost industrial, scanning, rotational, ultrasonic, in-plane and fibre optic vibrometers. Polytec is a world leader in laser Doppler instrumentation.

For further information on the Polytec Laser Measurement family in particular the Rotational Vibrometer 4000 series view or download the following documents:

Polytec Laser Measurement Family

Rotational Vibrometer

Click here to visit the Polytec web site.

Expertise is offered in the area of vibration analysis of rotating machinery and torsional vibration measurements and modeling of rotating machinery:

  • Torsional vibration measurements using laser torsional vibrometer or encoders
  • Torque measurements using torque telemetry
  • Mechanical power measurements
  • Torsional modal analysis using impact or steady state torsional excitation
  • Torsional testing (system identification) of machine components and systems
  • Machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Strain gauging and load testing of components
  • Chatter analysis and suppression in machining processes
  • LabVIEW signal processing and custom software development
  • Frequency and time domain torsional modeling of machinery drive trains
  • Frequency and time domain modeling of rotor transverse vibration
  • Coupled torsional and transverse vibration analysis

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